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Lean Environment
provides sustainable technology and management solutions from Lean, Six Sigma, and Environmental Management Systems(EMS) integrated into  a practical approach for improving business performance and the environment. 
Lean's focus on the client's needs means reliable, cost-effective solutions to the most challenging technical problems facing industry.
See the WDOE AccraFab Case Study HERE
Professional Engineering
- Environmental System Design
- Permitting and Process Optimization
- Stormwater, Wastewater & Zero-Discharge Systems
Regulatory Assistance
- Environmental Management Systems
- Permits and Inspections
- Compliance Audits
Training and Support
- Lean Six Sigma Training
- ISO and EMS Development
- RCRA, Stormwater and Other Programs
Environmental Management Systems are created to simplify environmental tasks, requirements and reduce waste - providing methods and metrics beyond sustainability
Lean Principles are methods developed to eliminate waste and improve all kinds of processes, including manufacturing, arts, services and government
Six Sigma is a system developed by Motorola and others to improve product quality, customer satisfaction, project management, and reduce variability

Save money, eliminate waste and improve the quality of life for you and your customers.

Lean Environment Incorporated provides complete EHS, Lean Six SigmaTraining and
Professional Engineering Services at your location.
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