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Engineering Cost Savings into Compliance

Zero-Discharge Conversion Coating | Advanced Ion Exchange Water RecyclingAccrafab Inc – Liberty Lake, WA

This nationally-recognized project uses an advanced ion exchange technique to save the company over $180,000 per year and reduce hazardous waste generation by 97%. Lean Environment designed and helped to implement zero discharge chromate and non-chromate conversion coating processes for aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

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Food Processing Waste Treatment

Engineering, Permitting, Optimization | Independent Foods – Sunnyside, WA

Lean Environment helped Independent Foods re-design, permit and commission their new Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) system for food processing wastewater treatment. Lean also worked with the Department of Ecology on a water conservation assessment, land application of solids, and Storm- Water Level III compliance.


Electroplating Process Improvement

Containment, Wastewater and DI Systems | Rainier Ballistics – Tacoma, WA

Our Engineers helped Rainier Ballistics optimize their zero-discharge plating process, and build a state-of- the-art secondary containment system. Lean also developed and implemented a chlorine-free cyanide treatment process and freeze crystallization process in wastewater operations. Current projects include advanced process water recovery and a goal of increasing capacity by 50% within the existing process footprint.

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