Lean Environment
uses tools from Lean, Six Sigma, and Environmental Management Systems(EMS) to help companies build better, faster and lower cost solutions to environmental and process problems. 
Lean Environment is a pioneer in the development of simple, reliable, cost-effective solutions to the most challenging technical problems facing industry.
Read about our work for the Department of Ecology and AccraFab Case Study here.
Professional Engineering
- Environmental System Design
- Permitting and Process Optimization
- Stormwater, Wastewater & Zero-Discharge
- LEAN Industrial Process Design
Regulatory Assistance
- Environmental Management Systems
- Permits and Inspections
- Compliance Audits
Training and Support
- Lean Six Sigma Training
- ISO and EMS Development
- RCRA, Stormwater and Other Programs
Lean Process Design
Turn-Key Services
Consulting and Training
Lean Environment is a leader in applying lean tools to environmental challenges. From Modular Stormwater Systems to
Zero-Discharge wastewater designs, Lean Environment Professional Engineering services finds the right-sized, flexible solutions for industry.
Lean Environment  provides environmental and compliance services so clients can focus on their core business.  Lean Environment provides RCRA, Stormwater,  EMS, Wastewater, Complianace Audits, and ISO 14001 Services. Our Management Systems help  eliminate complexity of compliance.
Lean Environment provides fast-paced, relevant training for many industry needs. We train on LEAN, chemistry, regulations, technology, six-sigma and management systems.  Our clients include Fortune 100, government agencies, colleges, and small businesses.

Save money, eliminate waste and improve quality for you and your customers.

Lean Environment Incorporated provides complete EHS, Lean Six SigmaTraining and
Professional Engineering Services at your location.
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